Frequently Asked Questions about Male Strippers.


1. Are all Male Strippers created equal? No! Just as in any business or industry there’s “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.” We choose to represent “The Good” and nothing else. We will not accept 2nd best, period. Many Los Angeles agencies will appear to be offering you “Too Good to Be True Deals” and they are to good to be true. These agencies offer you lower prices but “Not the Best Talent” Remember: Any professional agency representing the “Top Entertainers” in the industry, has to pay them the industry standard rate to show up at your party. If you choose the “Too Good to Be True Deal” or go to the 99 cent store, expect to see cheap merchandise. You get what you pay for!

2. There are so many agencies in Los Angeles offering this service, why should I choose LA Hunks? Because of the way we do business! Our goal is to be upfront and honest with our clients and potential customers and to fill you in on all the details on how our business works. Furthermore, to make sure you will receive only the Best Entertainers from us we select only the very Best Male Strippers for representation. We know how to treat our people, therefore we attract and maintain a roster of the elite and Best strippers in the party business.

3. Are the Strippers in your pictures real Entertainers? Yes!
All the pictures you see have been supplied by the entertainers themselves so we can get them work. No stock photo’s or picture’s cut out of magazines like the one’s you will most likely see on some of our competitors web site’s and in their ad’s.

4. How come some companies have much lower prices than you?These companies are usually owned and operated by strippers or people who are in it for the quick cash, they are not interested in having you as a repeat customer or keeping a roster of “Elite Entertainers”.

Los Angeles, Ca. our male strippers would like to have your business just as much as our competitors, but we will not purposely mislead you and we will offer you the very best Male Strippers in the business and offer you the honest, professional communication and service that you deserve.

Thank You… LA Hunks.

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